Fernando de Noronha

With its golden sands, turquoise blue and emerald green sea, dotted by reefs and corals, this is the real scenario of paradise.

The island can be explored on foot, horseback by boat.
Distance: 360km from Natal / 545km from Recife

Packages from 1 to 4 nights

Buggy tours

North Coast
The North of the state do has unforgettable scenarios and emotions, that offer an array of attractions from parasidiac calm of its semi desert to the dunes adrenaline, transformed into natural toboggans during tours on buggys.

South Coast
Leave Natal and follow Via Costeira and direction to Rota do Sol to the South Coast to meet excitement and attractions. The visit of the World’s biggest Caju tree in Pirangi with almost 8 thousand square meters it’s a most for every tourist.